General Concepts

Archetify is an innovative app based on the Enneagram, designed to help you build healthy and effective teams by optimizing personality compatibility and fostering behavioral diversity. It’s especially ideal for remote teams, providing unique insights that enhance team dynamics and performance.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool widely used by psychologists and psychiatrists to understand the underlying motivations of human behavior. It identifies nine distinct personality types, each characterized by a set of attitudes and behavioral energies. At Archetify, we take a nuanced approach, viewing each Enneatype as clusters of behaviors that, depending on their presence and weighting in an individual, shape their unique personality. Our system can differentiate over 500 distinct personalities, recognizing more than 60,000 unique combinations, making each user a one-in-60,000 profile.

Archetify uses the Enneagram to analyze individual personalities, identifying how various behavioral energies combine in each person and influence team dynamics. This allows for a deeper understanding of how to create and maintain effective, harmonious teams. You can learn more in the Enneagram section of our website.

Not necessarily. While having knowledge of the Enneagram can enhance your analysis of the results and provide more detailed explanations of any differences that may arise, the app itself generates information that can be used to make decisions without prior knowledge of the Enneagram.

Yes, we offer training programs on the Enneagram and how Archetify utilizes it. Feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your specific needs.

Using the App

Registering on Archetify is simple. Just visit our website, click on any start free button and follow the registration instructions.

To add contacts, just send your invitation link to the contacts you want to add to your network so they can accept the invitation.

Creating a team is easy. Select «Create Team,» add the desired members from your network, and you’re set. Ensure that your team members are in your network before adding them. You can also share the team with others for joint analysis.

To create a search, select «Create Recruiting,» and add candidates from your network. Make sure the candidates are part of your contacts. You can share the search with others to analyze it collaboratively.

Yes, you can. When creating the search, mark the team as simulated and share the questionnaire link with the team leader or someone familiar with the team dynamics. Based on the responses, we analyze the team’s behavioral characteristics and assess candidate compatibility.

Absolutely. When creating a search, you’ll define the desired profile via a questionnaire. This helps us identify the necessary personality traits, assess their fit with the team, and compare candidates to the defined profile, ensuring an optimal match.

Yes, depending on the plan, we provide different levels of support. We provide training sessions to help you better interpret the content. Contact us for more personalized assistance.

Data Interpretation

Behavioral energies represent the different Enneatypes within the Enneagram. At Archetify, we view these as clusters of behaviors that define individual personalities. We analyze the presence and order of these energies in each person to recognize their attitudes and behaviors, and subsequently, the behavioral dynamics within a team based on its members personalities.

You can take it as many times as you like, as each time you complete it, your data will be updated in all the teams you are part of. Keep in mind that personalities generally don’t change in short periods or on their own. Retaking the test is useful if you have been consciously working on changing your habits or attitudes, or if enough time has passed and circumstances have changed, which might have altered your perspective on the world.

Each profile displays an individual’s predominant behavioral energies and their behavioral characteristics. Public profiles provide essential information for better understanding a person, offer recommendations for improving interactions, and highlight differences with other personalities and team dynamics.

Personality compatibility measures how similar the styles or approaches of two personalities are. While different personalities can have good relationships, collaboration can be challenging if their styles are drastically different. Similar personalities tend to have a natural flow, even without a strong relationship, facilitating smoother teamwork.

Behavioral diversity reflects the presence of different behavioral energies within a team. A homogeneous team has similar personalities, leading to a natural dynamic but limited attitudinal resources. High behavioral diversity, while maintaining a natural team dynamic, enhances collective performance by fostering better collaboration, creativity, and adaptability.

A team’s natural dynamic is how members interact based on their personalities. Similar personalities result in a fluid and natural dynamic, while very different personalities can cause friction and forced interactions.

Practical Applications

Understanding your team’s natural dynamic and individual impacts is the first step. Archetify helps you identify these elements, providing a foundation for intervention plans that consider personalities and their interactions.

Yes, Archetify is designed to support recruitment by offering behavioral insights into the team, desired profile, and candidates.

Yes, in the Contacts section, you can choose a reference person and view the compatibility of all your contacts with that person. Compatibility reflects similarity in forms and styles, not necessarily the degree of friendship or relationship type.

Yes, depending on the plan, we provide different levels of support. Contact us for more personalized assistance.


Contact our support team through the app’s contact form, our website, or by emailing us at support@archetify.com.

Archetify employs advanced security measures to ensure your personal information is protected and never shared without your consent. Review our Privacy Policy for detailed terms and conditions.